So Long, Spam!

Well, it took an unbelievable amount of work, but the spammer-war has been won, for the moment. Our database is clean, and the fake users are history. Our new security system is fending off nearly 1000 attacks per day, and hasn't let a single spambot through in nearly 48 hours.

We are back in business!

Technical Difficulties!

Sorry folks, please bear with us. Hackers and their spambots have overrun the site, and a problem at our host has made it impossible to upgrade the security of the site, for the moment.

We're trying to scrag all the spam manually, but it's a monumental job. Hopefully, all will be back to normal sometime next week...

Submission Season

Ahh, Summer. Life is easy and we can all relax...

Except of course, for all those upcoming workshops and competitions! There's lots of them, and we need you to tell us what and when they are. Please submit any and all events you know of for the summer months, and even this Fall. The more each of us submits, the better informed we'll all be!

See you on the dance floor, with a tan!

Library and Member Articles

Some of you may have noticed that there's a new "Library" option on our menu. This is a new and growing section of our site, with loads of online resources for dancers.
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Growing Fast!

Thanks to our members' efforts, BallroomDancers.Info has been growing by leaps and bounds. Our links directory now has over 50 dance-related sites listed, and our calendar submissions have just passed 100 separate competitions and workshops across North America (and even one in England!). We've also started to show up in search engines, and are getting over 100 unique visitors a day now.
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